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Meet the Speakers from the IASA Conference 2019

Join us for the IT Architects Conference which is set to take place on 14 June 2019 at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Dublin.

We are delighted to announce David Curran from OpenJaw Technologies and Coman Fullard from Continuum for this year's conference. Read on to find out more about their presentations and the conference topics of the day.

Register on the IASA Conference website until 17 May to save 20% on the ticket price.

David Curran
Machine Learning Engineer
OpenJaw Technologies
David is a natural language processing programmer working for OpenJaw Technologies.
David has helped make question answering systems for the TravelSky, Mercedes, Orange Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barlays, La Caixa, Crédit Mutuel, the Dubai Government and others. These were in English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

"How to train a Chatbot"
What and who you need to create a chatbot that helps your customers and adds value to your business.
David will also describe the process he uses to deliver chatbots using examples from creating aviation chatbots for the Chinese market. 

Coman Fullard
Head of Digital Strategy
Coman is the Head of Digital Strategy for the award winning digital transformation agency, Continuum. There he combines explicit and implicit business requirements together with 360 degree customer insights to power engaging and successful digital solutions.

"User Experience Design and Digital Transformation"
Many digital transformation projects fail to be transformational despite delivering the explicit rational requirements of the organisation. This is because users are as emotional as they are rational, and their actual needs are often unknown even to themselves. This presents a dilemma for anyone involved in digital transformation. User Experience Design provides a much-needed bridge between the articulated-rational and the unspoken-emotional poles.

Conference Topics

“DevOps Maturity: The stages of making the hard work scale across the business”
John MacHale, Digital Transformation and Technology Consultant
"Status of the AR in Enterprise Ecosystem and What Can We do to Improve it!"
Mark Sage, AREA
"Data Transfers from a Cyber-Security and GDPR Compliance perspective.”
Danielle Cussen, Wizuda
"User Experience Design and Digital Transformation"
Coman Fullard, Continuum
"A long way from here to there"
Henry King, Citi Bank
“How to train a Chatbot”
David Curran, OpenJaw Technologies

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