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ICT Professionalism, European Standards and the e-CF - have your say

Information session on EU professionalism developments, opportunities to contribute to European e-Competence Framework, and formation of TC 428 Mirror Committee.

ICS and all its affiliated societies have been very active participants in the European Commission’s work on ICT professionalism, and all of its ramifications in education, professional development, career planning, e-leadership etc. Much of this work has centred on CEN, the European standards body, and the Irish national standards body, NSAI, and in particular the CEN Workshop on ICT Skills and CEN Technical Committee 428, and it is the basis of the ICS Continuous Professional Development programme.

The CEN Workshop was responsible for the original CWA, the European e-Competence Framework, which was then transitioned to a European Standard by CEN TC 428. Now the time has come to update the standard (e-CF) and a project has just been initiated to develop e-CF Version 4.0.

Applications are invited by qualified experts to become part of the project team, as specified in the call for experts,

This project will be managed by TC 428. The ICS is represented on this committee by 2 NSAI nominated delegates, Dudley Dolan (Head of Delegation) and Mary Cleary. The Irish input is channelled to the TC by Dudley and Mary through a local Mirror Committee. The role of the Mirror Committee will become very important as this project progresses because it can influence the final deliverable of e-CF V4.0 through a formal commenting process.

We have had a Mirror Committee established for the last few years, but until this project was approved, there was little concrete to be contributed. Now we have an opportunity, and an imperative, to revive the Mirror Committee so that Irish IT professionals can have a strong say in the new version of the standard.

This information meeting will re-establish the Mirror Committee, on Wednesday, 19th July, at 3:30pm in ICS. We are extending an invitation to any interested members to attend to find out more about the call for experts, and how to have your voices heard in the project.

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