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Global Centre for Business Agility launched as a new force for Digital Transformation

The Irish Computer Society is proud to welcome the Global Centre for Business Agility (GCBA) to its network of supported member bodies. The Global Centre for Business Agility is a non-profit member organisation for professionals who use agile techniques to deliver better business value.

The association joins itSMF Ireland, HISI, Iasa Ireland, ADPO, BPI and the Business Analyst Association of Ireland to provide expert knowledge on successful digital transformation. Membership of GCBA is free to members of any of these bodies.

Founded by digital transformation experts and acclaimed authors Fin Goulding and Haydn Shaughnessy, the Global Centre for Business Agility is a community of professionals from all parts of the business.

 “The one thing we want our members to share is a common dedication to agile techniques in the never ending search for optimised business value across all departments. People have seen the impact agile working can have in areas such as manufacturing and IT. Now we want to build a community to help those who want to bring these techniques to all parts of the business,” said Fin.

“I am delighted to welcome the Global Centre of Business Agility as our latest specialist member body. It is intriguing to see that not only are the technologies we, as IT professionals, deliver becoming more pervasive throughout the business but now our methodologies and work practices too”, said ICS CEO Jim Friars.

GCBA will look to support its member through a number of resources, research papers and member events. The focus is on improving communications within organisations. Through working in extreme visual environments and harnessing the power of increased social interaction using the right frameworks it is possible to host communications that move teams beyond consensus.

“It is about creating value seeking behaviour,” said Haydn Shaughnessy, GCBA Chief Content & Design Officer. “If you improve your predictive insights you can better target where to innovate and how to optimise resources, ultimately reducing waste and creating a value management system.”

 “The GCBA is founded on the belief that the agile framework should be as minimal as possible, leaving more room for intelligent people to interact and collaborate in designing the best way to work for the job in hand.

“Our goal is to help you become the best practitioner of business agility that you can possibly be”, said Haydn.

Find out more and become a member of GCBA at

What is business agility?

Business agility is often thought of as the transfer or extension of software agile techniques to the whole business. That means using conventions like sprints, stand-ups and retrospectives in all areas of work.

However, true business agility involves the whole business working together rather than just using the same work techniques. There are few techniques or frameworks that address the challenges of this more holistic business approach.

The challenge is that we all need to extend our capabilities and take on new roles in a very flexible way. Teams built from a diverse group of skills are going to be much better placed to make good decisions.

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