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Spinelli Prize 2019 for projects dispelling disinformation

The 2019 Altiero Spinelli Prize for Outreach was open for entries until 2 December 2019.

Up to 16 prizes of €25,000 are awarded to EU citizens and non-governmental organisations based in the EU for high quality contributions which:

  • Promote knowledge of the European Union and a critical reflection on its past, present and future
  • Or expose anti-EU populist myths on various aspects of the European integration process, including extremist rhetoric based on intolerance as well as misinformation about the legitimacy, competences and actual work of the European institutions.
  • Or Enhance citizens' understanding of the values, objectives and benefits of the European integration process and of the accomplishments of the EU, but also of the failures, contradictions and dilemmas
  • Or propose innovative approaches and materials that can be used to inform, educate and inspire citizens and help them develop critical awareness of the EU and a sense of belonging to it

This edition of the Altiero Spinelli Prize for Outreach focuses on activities and works that help young Europeans engage in democratic life and understand the values on which the EU is based. It will also reward and provide EU-wide visibility to outstanding works/activities/products contributing to young people’s motivation to participate in the democratic processes that shape the future of the EU, engagement in EU core values and respect for human rights, critical awareness of what the EU stands for and against misinformation and anti-democratic populist discourses in and about the EU.

Works/projects that can be proposed

The prize will be awarded to outstanding works that are informed by state-of-the-art knowledge and are solidly based on evidence. These may include, for example:

  • Films, videos; documentaries; television, radio or online programmes/productions or other types of audio-visual and media works
  • Educational programmes or campaigns
  • Information/communication campaigns
  • Immersive, action-based, experiential activities
  • Publications; newspapers or other press, but not research works
  • Massive Online Open Courses
  • Fact-checking initiatives
  • Large-scale cultural events reaching big audiences
  • Other products/works/activities or emblematic initiatives or combinations of such works

Who can enter

The work/activity/product proposed for the prize must have been completed and implemented in the two years prior to the deadline for applications. The new deadline for applications is 02 December 2019 at 16.00 GMT.

The contest is not open to public bodies or public authorities at national, regional or local level. Applications from or affiliated with political parties are not eligible. Works commissioned by the EU or those which have already received EU funding are not eligible.

How to apply

Entries are now closed.

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