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Have your say on the e-Competence Framework

At ICS we know all IT professionals need to keep their skills up to date and track them throughout their career. We developed the CareerPlus tool to benchmark your skills against an international standard - the e-Competence Framework (eCF).

The European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) provides a reference of 40 competences as applied at the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) workplace, using a common language for competences, skills, knowledge and proficiency levels that can be understood across Europe.

A survey has been created to give you an opportunity to share your experiences, ideas and views on eCF usage.

The survey can be found here:

We are chairing the committee that appointed the project experts who have set up the survey and we are managing the project, so we'd love to have responses from users of eCF in Ireland have their say.

This survey is the first global survey focussing on e-CF adoption and practical use and is addressed to e-CF users with all levels of application experience and within any organisational context. Equally it aims to gather the views of interested stakeholders considering adoption and deployment of the European IT professional competence standard in the near future.

The survey results will directly influence the development of three EN 16234 CEN Technical Report (CEN/TR) publications:

CEN/TR 16234-2 "e-CF" - Part 2 USER GUIDE How to apply the competence standard from multiple perspectives;

CEN/TR 16234-3 "e-CF" - Part 3 METHODOLOGY Explanation of the methodological founding;

CEN/TR 16234-4 "e-CF" - Part 4 CASE STUDIES Illustrative practical examples of e-CF application for inspiring within varied environments.

In addition an "e-CF“ User Networking Conference is planned on 14 November in Italy. If you are interested in being invited and/or in joining further complementary European IT Professionalism activities, you can indicate this at the dedicated section of the survey. 

The estimated time to complete the survey is 20 minutes, a precious investment for continued enhancement of the European IT Professionalism landscape. The survey will be closed on 15 October 2019.

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