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Come to our half-day workshops for the IT Architects Conference 2017

The IT Architects conference will take place between June 14th - 16th in ICS HQ and the Croke Park conference centre. Alongside the drinks reception and main conference day in Croke Park, the final day will have two half-day workshops presented by Charles Davies, Creator of the Clear Ideas Process, and Tom Graves, Principal Consultant, Tetradian.

Morning Workshop

The Iasa Ireland team are delighted to announce Charles Davies, Creator, Very Clear Ideas Process, as a workshop presenter at this year's IT Architects Conference. On Friday 16th June at ICS HQ Charles will deliver a morning workshop entitled: 'How to talk about money…'.

In this half-day workshop you will learn:
•    how to negotiate with money so everyone's happy and the entire process is fulfilling
•    how to align your money (or lack of it) with your project and its purpose
•    how to unravel any unconscious blocks associated with money, charging, spending
This workshop is based on 30 years of research by Peter Koenig in Zurich. Developed as an original format by Charles Davis it's been delivered in creative business schools in Denmark, Holland and Switzerland since 2006. This will be Charles' first time delivering it in Ireland.

How often are conversations about money the sticking point when trying to get something off the ground? Why is it that the most professional of people can get tongue-tied when it comes to discussing the financials? In this informal, interactive workshop, Charles will show how talking about the money can be the most entertaining and enlightening part of a project. Find out more about these workshops below.

Afternoon Workshop

Tom Graves, Principal Consultant, Tetradian Consulting, who you may remember from last year's conference will be returning this year to deliver a workshop entitled, 'Applying a systems approach to money'. 
The aim of Tom's workshop is to provide a practical overview of how to track value-creation, flow and governance across the whole of the enterprise.

To do this he uses a ten-step process:
1.    Identify perceptions about the meaning of 'value'
2.    Identify the nominal vision of the organisation
3.    Identify the overall range of stakeholders in the shared-enterprise
4.    Test the validity of the organisation's vision for various stakeholder-groups
5.    Review and reframe the vision for the shared-enterprise
6.    Identify effectiveness-criteria ('values' and value) that devolve from the revised vision
7.    Identify values and value-flow in the shared-enterprise, using the Enterprise Canvas model
8.    Map transformations of value within the organisation and its services
9.    Identify 'validation services' to ensure enterprise effectiveness
10.    Identify and validate value-governance for enterprise investors and beneficiaries
Participants will leave the workshop with sufficient experience to be able to make a start on modelling value-flows, value-transformations and value-governance in their own organisation and shared-enterprise, and/or improve their existing processes and methods for doing so.

To find out more about the conference, please visit the conference web page or contact

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