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Artificial Intelligence’s role in our society

Artificial intelligence has the potential to change the world we live in. Digital technologies have made us smarter and more productive, transforming how we communicate, learn, shop and play. Advances in AI are giving rise to computing systems that can see, hear, learn and reason, creating new opportunities to improve education and healthcare, address poverty and achieve a more sustainable future.

But these rapid technology changes also raise complex questions about the impact they will have on other aspects of society: jobs, privacy, safety, inclusiveness and fairness. When AI augments human decision-making, how can we ensure that it treats everyone fairly, and is safe and reliable? How do we respect privacy?

Microsoft has recently launched an online story following the World Economic Forum 2018 to help you understand the role of artificial intelligence in society and about how AI could change the world just as much as PCs.

There are six principles suggested by Microsoft to put humans at the centre of the systems around artificial intelligence. These are ethical principles deeply rooted in timeless values. They are:

  • Fairness – systems should be designed not to include bias against anyone
  • Reliability – systems need to go through rigorous testing and people should play a critical role in making decisions around how they are used
  • Privacy and security – privacy laws must be complied with and personal information should only be used in accordance with high standards
  • Inclusiveness – barriers should be removed from products and environments that can exclude people, this must be considered in the design process
  • Transparency – people must be able to understand how key decisions are made and be able to identify and feedback potential errors and unintended outcomes
  • Accountability – those who design and deploy AI systems must be accountable for how those systems operate. This should be ongoing during the design and operational periods

Find out more in Microsoft’s new hub for artificial intelligence, including videos from the World Economic Forum, here.

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