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Universal Design of IT - have your say

The Irish Computer Society is currently studying what Irish IT professionals know about the Universal Design of IT. Your input will feed into interest in a related programme of continuous professional development and professional certification.

As part of this study, we would like you to respond to a brief online survey. The survey is anonymous and enquires into your familiarity with Universal Design of IT, and your experience of Universal Design in your professional life.

The survey should only take five minutes to complete and is completely anonymous. If you wish to participate, please answer the survey by 29 March.  Your help on this important subject is greatly appreciated.

Take the survey here.

Should you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to get in touch: / 01 237 7749.

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In partnership with Funka Nu AB and NDA.

More about this study:

What is Universal Design of IT?

Universal Design of IT refers the design of IT products and services so that they can be accessed, understood and used by the widest range of people possible. It is closely related to concepts such as accessibility, usability, user-centred design and UX. However, rather than calling for adjustments for the benefit of specific user groups after a design and development process has been completed, Universal Design of IT emphasises the benefits of designing for the widest possible range of users from the outset. Universal Design aligns with IT users’ expectations that IT systems should be usable and accessible, regardless of whether the user is an employee, a customer or a citizen utilising public services. Furthermore, many jurisdictions now mandate that government IT products and services should be either accessible or universally designed.

Who is conducting the study?

The ICS is conducting this study in partnership with Funka, a Swedish consultancy, and the National Disability Authority (NDA).

Funka is one of the world’s leading web accessibility consultancies. It tests and audits web solutions to ensure that they can be used by everyone, with or without disabilities, on the same terms. Funka also carries out research and expert studies on a range of accessibility-related topics for clients and partners worldwide.

The NDA is Ireland’s expert authority on disability issues. It also maintains a dedicated Centre for Universal Design (CEUD), which is tasked with disseminating information about Universal Design principles and concepts.

Take the survey here.

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