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IT Professionals' Day 2019

On the 13th of May 2019 we will celebrate the role and contribution IT professionals play in helping business and society.

The IT Professionals' Day is an opportunity to applaud the heroes who work in technology and strive to make our everyday life easier and to present young people with the prospect of exciting, rewarding and worthwhile careers in IT.

This year we will hold a seminar, hosted by AWS in their headquarter in Ballsbridge where an audience of IT professionals will be addressed by André Richier, Principal Administrator of the European Commission, Mike Hinchey, President ICS and IFIP, Barry Lowry, DPER and Government CIO and many others.

We will discuss IT professionalism in Europe and in Ireland, the role of Education in the development of IT specialists, work being done in Ireland and by the ICS to encourage the development of e-skills and gender diversity in IT professions. 

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