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Who are you calling unprofessional?

People tend to get a little defensive when asked about their professionalism. It may feel that something is implied - that you don't know your job, or as the dictionary defines it 'not exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, or generally businesslike manner in the workplace'. 

So to clarify a little about what we mean when we say professionalism and what it means to be an IT Pro' we've prepared a little video...

The problem is that there is currently no common understanding of the term 'ICT Professional'.

In some countries (including Ireland), the term is accepted to mean someone who has acquired relevant qualifications and competences; in other countries, individuals can practice as an ICT professional with limited knowledge and experience in the area.

For us at the Irish Computer Society, we have adopted the CEPIS definition of ICT professionals as stated below:

  • Possess a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of a relevant body of knowledge
  • Demonstrate on-going commitment to professional development via an appropriate combination of qualifications, certifications, work experience, non-formal and/or informal education
  • Adhere to an agreed code of ethics/conduct and/or applicable regulatory practices
  • Through competent practice deliver value for stakeholders.

The term relevant body of knowledge encompasses the requirement for a broad and deep knowledge base which is up-to-date, accommodating both a common ICT body of knowledge, and pertinent specialist knowledge and skills.

Professional development focuses on improving professional competence in a professional role, with the objective of enhancing personal performance and career progression opportunities. It can encompass both technical aspects (e.g. keeping abreast of latest technological trends) as well as non-technical aspects (e.g. developing better presentation skills).

Professionals are accountable to themselves, the ICT Profession and society, through an agreed code of ethics/conduct. Your competent practice communicates the concept of quality of products and services being delivered by practitioners. So remember, professionalism is nothing to be afraid of. In all likelihood, you do it and are it already. In fact it's the thing that separates the good guys from the bad.

To help members demonstrate their professionalism you can now match your skills against the most common ICT job profiles using our free CPD tool CareerPlus

Don't worry if you are not a member you can sign-up for a free three month trial here.

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