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What is a CMDB (Configuration Management Database)?

A configuration management database (CMDB) is a database of the relationships between all hardware and software components used in an organization's IT services. A CMDB provides an organised view of configuration data and a means of querying and tracking that data.How CMDBs work and why they're importantThe importance of tracking and understanding the information within the IT environment increases as IT systems become ...

   Tuesday, July 9th

The EU Cybersecurity Act brings a strong agency for cybersecurity and EU-wide rules on cybersecurity certification

picture evoking cybersecurity

On 27 June the European Cybersecurity Act entered into force, setting the new mandate of ENISA, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity, and establishing the European cybersecurity certification framework. With the entry into force of the Cybersecurity Act, a new course is starting for ENISA, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity, which will enjoy a permanent mandate, increased responsibilities and resources. First example of its kind, the ...

  Tuesday, July 2nd

Global Centre for Business Agility launched as a new force for Digital Transformation

The Irish Computer Society is proud to welcome the Global Centre for Business Agility (GCBA) to its network of supported member bodies. The Global Centre for Business Agility is a non-profit member organisation for professionals who use agile techniques to deliver better business value.The association joins itSMF Ireland, HISI, Iasa Ireland, ADPO, BPI and the Business Analyst Association of Ireland to provide expert ...

  Thursday, June 13th

Behind the Scenes at ICS - Claudia Delaney – Head of Training and Certification

Many of you will know Claudia Delaney, our Head of Training and Certification, who has been with ICS for over 18 years. We’ve spoken to Claudia about her vision for supporting your professional development.Claudia started at ICS as ECDL Accreditation Coordinator. She honed her skills as a learning and development professional while looking after the IT skills needs of hundreds of schools and ...

  Thursday, June 13th

Why digital transformation fails and 14 things you can do to succeed

It is well documented that over 70% of digital transformation projects fail. At ICS we believe that this failure rate can be dramatically improved. In doing so, this will release resources and pressures on IT professionals who are often left to carry the can.The truth is, that despite digital transformation projects often sitting as the sole responsibility of the IT department, failure often occurs ...

  Tuesday, May 14th

The Blockchain ball is in developers hands

Demand seems to be trending in the ICT skills sphere and, for a change, we are not talking about the skills shortage: the demands are coming from the candidates. If you are a skilled IT professional then it would appear that your wish is their command, provided they want you enough.Another ‘want’ trending at the moment is more education around blockchain, its uses ...

  Monday, December 3rd

Why IT architecture is vital to digital transformation

Digital transformation is an important process to redefine your business and propel you into the digital age. But why is IT architecture important to digital transformation?Digital transformation is the transformation of an entire business, including their activities, processes and models, to take advantage of new technologies, with present and future shifts in mind.Digital transformation can be a challenge for any size of ...

  Tuesday, April 30th

Meet the Speakers from the IASA Conference 2019

Join us for the IT Architects Conference which is set to take place on 14 June 2019 at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Dublin.We are delighted to announce David Curran from OpenJaw Technologies and Coman Fullard from Continuum for this year's conference. Read on to find out more about their presentations and the conference topics of the day.Register on the IASA Conference website ...

  Friday, April 26th

ICS welcomes new Fellow Keith Baxter

ICS welcomes Keith Baxter as a new Fellow of the society.Keith Baxter is the Chief Information Officer for the Anthony Nicholas Group. The Group oversee several brands including Fields the Jeweller, Fraser Hart, Crouch, Bernstones and Lyons.Before joining The Anthony Nicholas Group in 2017, Keith was CEO of Niacon, and has worked for over 36 years in several senior management, technical and engineering roles ...

  Monday, July 15th

Ireland struggling in skills mismatch and productivity compared to EU

The latest EU report on 'Skills mismatch and productivity in the EU shows Ireland performing weakly in these areas. Additional challenges remain in terms of high-level skills demand (we know) and over-qualification in areas with where high-level skills are not needed pointing to a need for re-training or redeployment of these workers with potential to fill high-level skills gap areas.Read more here: https://...

   Monday, July 15th

ICS leading the way in EU Digiframe report

The report on “High-Tech Skills for Industry– Increasing the EU’s talent pool and promoting the highest quality standards in support of digital transformation” has been released by the European Commission. It was co-authored by Capgemini, IDC and empirica and provides an overview of the Digital Capability Reference Framework, or ‘Digiframe’, that was presented on November 15, 2018 in Brussels at the “European Skills Conference, Digital ...

   Thursday, July 11th

ICS CIO Profile - Colm Gartlan, Norbrook Technologies

This month we take a look at one of the CIOs who volunteers at ICS to helps us find out what’s really going on for IT professionals on the ground. Gartlan is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society and is currently Chair of the ICS CIO Advisory Board. Name:  Colm Gartlan, IT Director, Norbrook Laboratories Limited Bio:  Gartlan joined Norbrook in April 2017 ...

  Tuesday, July 9th

HISI Conference 2019 - Call for Papers & Posters

The Health Informatics Society of Ireland invites you to become a HISI member (membership is free of charge to students) and submit your position papers, research findings, case experiences, challenges and factors thus contributing to a successful implementation of eGovernment, eHealth or eInclusion services in Ireland, Europe and beyond. HISI seeks high-quality paper and poster contributions for the 2019 HISI Annual Conference at Croke Park, ...

   Tuesday, May 29th

Transforming the Art of IT Leadership

Finally the day has come where we recognise that those who shout loudest don’t always get heard – that should make for a more comfortable working environment for most. Recognising that soft skills are what is needed in the changing pace of office structure is leading to a whole new skills gap of its own.Ireland is viewed as a highly viable option for ...

   Thursday, July 4th

ICS welcomes new Fellow Gerry Quinn