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About Iasa Ireland

The mission of Iasa Ireland is to make IT architecture a recognised and valued profession through the advancement of best practices and education and by delivering programmes and services to IT architects of all levels.

This will be achieved by helping IT Architects in their daily jobs and in their careers through ensuring organisations best utilise architects in executing their technology strategies.

This association promotes and supports the professional needs of: Business, Software, Data and Infrastructure Architects. These specialisations fall under the larger Enterprise Architect Role. To be successful Enterprise Architects require an understanding of all four areas.

IT Architects are a key asset to any organisation because they:

Deliver real business operational efficiencies through information integration and management. Achieving this requires technical skills in planning, implementing, and managing IT infrastructure and information software.

Iasa Ireland helps individual architects to set a career path and follow that career path across organisations by:

  • Helping IT professionals in current roles and achieve career goals through career development opportunities.
  • Sharing knowledge and networking with like-minded professionals as part of a large global network.
  • Accessing knowledge and opinions of other successful IT architects globally through articles, conferences, research papers, reviews and relevant learning resources.