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Free masterclass: What next for the IT department?

The “IT department” is one of the more enduring concepts of the last 60 years and has been in the lexicon of management ever since computers first entered organisations. 

While the label attached to this organisational unit has regularly changed, it seems to be widely accepted that organisations need some sort of organisational unit dedicated to managing IT. 

Indeed, in today’s digital economy, what company wouldn’t wish to have an IT unit? But does having an IT unit and the organising model it promotes actually hold a company back in achieving its digital transformation ambitions? 

In this masterclass, Dr Joe Peppard will share his latest research where he challenges the fundamental assumptions and practices that frame our thinking about how companies design, position, structure and govern their IT units. 

A key finding is that we must reorient their attention away from the ‘IT organisation’ to ‘organising for IT.’ That is, as digital becomes part of the fabric of an enterprise, the challenge for leadership teams is not to build a more digitally savvy IT unit, but to establish the basis for coordinating and integrating the knowledge required for success with technology. 

This is particularly difficult as this knowhow is dispersed across the organisation and increasingly into customers and ecosystem partners. It requires a fresh approach and new organizing models. 

Drawing on in-depth case studies, Dr Peppard will illustrate how some leading companies are implementing new organising models and highlight what these mean for technology leadership.

Speaker profile:

Dr Joe Peppard is Principal Research Scientist at MIT Sloan School of Management’s Center for Information System Research (CISR). 

He researches, teaches, and consults in the domains of IT leadership; digital strategy and innovation; the execution of digital transformation programs; the creation of value from IT investments; and the role, structure, and capabilities of the IT unit in contemporary organisations. 

In an environment where hype is all too commonplace, Joe seeks to help business and IT leaders navigate an appropriate route through what is an increasingly complex landscape. His research investigates contemporary issues and challenges that managers face in a world of accelerating technological change. His most recent book is The Strategic Management of Information Systems: Building a Digital Strategy (Wiley).

 Joe is a Fellow of the ICS.

About CISR

Founded in 1974 and grounded in the MIT tradition of rigorous field-based research, MIT CISR helps executives meet the challenge of leading dynamic, global, and information-intensive organisations. We provide the CIO and other digital leaders with insights on topics such as business complexity, data monetisation, and the digital workplace. Through research, teaching, and events, the centre stimulates interaction among scholars, students and practitioners. More than ninety firms participate in our consortium.


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19th Sep (Thu)


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